“the Art of Love” CD release!

Dear followers,

After years of musical dedication, laughs, sweat and tears, I am proud to be able to announce the arrival of the debut album of “Brussels Vocal Project“: “the Art of Love”. I would like to thank all the people, family and friends who supported us along this long road, this would not have been possible without you. 🙂

I would like to invite you all to come and hear us live! We will be performing on the following dates to celebrate the album release:

08/03/14  @ Ferme de la Dîmes (Wasseiges, BE)

14/03/14 @ Jazzolder (Mechelen, BE)

15/03/14 @ Aquilone (Liege, BE) Feat. Pirly Zurstrassen

22/03/14 @ Rataplan (Antwerpen, BE)

22/04/14 @ Bravo (Bruxelles, BE)

23/04/14 @ Jazz Station (Brussels, BE)

25/04/14 @ Theatre Marni (Brussels, BE) invited by David Linx

Hope to see you there!

Lot’s of Love,


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