Elsa Grégoire, born in Belgium, brought up in New Orleans, and now living in Germany has a natural passion for languages and the expression with words. She studied the violin, the cello and later obtained her Bachelor’s degree in jazz singing with David Linx at the Brussels Royal Conservatory. She participated to many workshops with artists such as Diederik Wissels, Michael Blake, Scott Colley, Tim Berne and Bill Carrothers. After a year at the CNSM of Paris, she moved to Leipzig (Germany) where she started developing various musical projects, including “TREMULA”, for which she has been composing and writing songs. The first album of the band was released in June 2014 and is entitled “I Sing Because”.

She is the co-founder of the a cappella collective “Brussels Vocal Project” which recently recorded an album featuring original music exclusively composed for the band by some of the Belgium’s most famous composers. The band is now focusing on their new project entitled “Modern Tales” which features music composed for the singers by American drummer and composer John Hollenbeck.

Performances of minimalistic music (Centre Pompidou, Paris; Maximilian Forum, Munich) and her stand as composer and performer in her solo project ELSA reflect the width of her interest and competence in a large variety of musical worlds. Elsa obtained Master’s degree in 2013 at the Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden and is now living in Berlin where she is active as a singer, composer and teacher.

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