MODERN TALES – release!

Though times may be hard, I am so happy to have at least one good news!: the release of Brussels Vocal Project's new album 'Modern Tales' finally came out this Friday October 9th 2020!

If you would like to support the project, please order a copy! The hard copy available at the following link contains a booklet where each tale is illustrated by a picture and which contains the lyrics!

Elsa Grégoire (voice & texts), François Vaiana ( voice & texts), Anu Junnonen (voice & texts), Sarah Klenes (voice), Gabriel Hahn (voice), Moritz Baumgärtner (drums)

John Hollenbeck (composition)

Recording: Radio France, Artistic Direction: Cécile Lenoir Cover Fotography: Marie-Françoise Plissart

A Signature Radio France Production

With the help of Wallonie Bruxelles International

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