The TREMULA project is a collaboration between vocalist Elsa Grégoire and pianist Lukas Rabe.

In their approach to musical creation, they are constantly on the watch for new technical possibilities to create a musical world where it is impossible to tell where the words end and where the music starts. Soundscapes recorded somewhere in nature, vocal effects derived from contemporary music, jazz piano harmonics combined with colors of a singer songwriter performing in a techno club.

The Album “I sing because” recorded in September in Leipzig (Germany) at the Echolux Studio is a quartet version (featuring Toraf Schrader on bass and Julius Kraft on drums) of a series of songs reflecting the different styles explored by Tremula over the of the last years. The idea behind this debut album was to find out and express what drives people to sing. About 60 people, family and friends, were asked to complete in french or in english the sentence “I sing because …”, and from these answers were created several a cappella interludes that are inserted between the songs throughout the album.

It was released in June 2014 and is available on Amazon and itunes.

Check out the newest sounds from TREMULA on their newest EP  >> T ‘ N o w << released in July 2015.

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