Reflective Architecture 

Website up for the Reflective Architecture project in India! 

This project reflects on the architecture of Le Corbusier’s Ahmedabad Textile Mill Owners’ Association building through the mediums of photography, video projection and sound installation.

For this purpose am grateful to have colaborated with Lukas RABE & Benedikt BRACHTEL for the creation of a sound installation based on Edgard Varese’s 1958 collaboration with Le Corbusier: the “Poeme Électronique”. The installation explores the different resonance qualities of the building: from it’s bold open concrete foundations to it’s closed round wooden auditorium. The composition uses the “voice” and the “machine” as core elements representing the possible opposition or fusion of nature and technology, past and future, and organic and artificial.

Watch the video!

© all photographs by Margret Hoppe, VG Bildkunst Bonn Sebastian Stumpf 2016

© all works from Le Corbusier FLC Paris and VG Bildkunst, Bonn

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